Abdominoplasty Surgery

What is Abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty, which is more commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure that is used to correct a protruding or loose, sagging abdomen. When a flat and toned abdomen cannot be obtained through exercise and weight control, a tummy tuck may be appropriate. A tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen, and, if needed, can improve weakened or separated muscles.

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Common Questions & Answers

How is the procedure done?

AEvery tummy tuck will be individualized to the patient’s condition, which may include:

  • Excess localized fat
  • Loose and sagging skin
  • Weakened or separated abdominal muscles due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging

The surgeon will make a horizontal incision above the pubic hairline to help conceal the scar when wearing clothes. The size and position of the incision will vary depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. Through this incision, the surgeon will then remove the tissue, fat or skin, or repair the muscles.

Liposuction may also be used in conjunction with the tummy tuck to remove localized fat deposits and recontour the body.

Where do I begin?

AIf you are interested in a tummy tuck, we encourage you to keep several things in mind. A tummy tuck is not a substitute for weight loss or exercise, and while the results of a tummy tuck are technically permanent, the outcome can be lessened by substantial weight fluctuations. Therefore, if you are planning future pregnancies or significant weight loss it may be advisable to postpone a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck is a good procedure for any adult that is in good health, close to their ideal body weight, and is moderately fit. Good candidates should also be:

  • Non-smokers
  • Healthy individuals with no life-threatening illnesses or conditions that can impair healing

The tummy tuck procedure will begin with a physician consultation, during which he will fully educate you about the procedure and discuss your goals

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