Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

The Importance of Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
All of our doctors at the Aesthetic Center of Gainesville and Braselton have been board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. The American Board of Plastic Surgery was established in 1937 to recognize excellence in plastic surgery. To be certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, a plastic surgeon must pass rigid written and oral examinations that deal with both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic Procedures

The surgeons at Aesthetic Center of Gainesville provide patients with a comprehensive array of plastic surgery procedures.
  • Mastopexy
  • Thigh Lift
  • Botox Injections
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Collagen Injections
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Brachioplasty
  • Gynecomastia
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Otoplasty

Skin Care Services

Each visit will include a re-evaluation to determine the best procedure to achieve the desired result.
skin care treatments[1]Treatment options will vary depending on an individual’s skin type and skin conditions present.
skin care products[1]Our dedicated skin care specialists are experienced in creating custom skin care programs for the maintenance of healthy skin using in-office treatments and home skin care programs. We carry the best skin care products from LaRoche Posay, Obagi, Skin Ceuticals, Cellex, and Caleel Hayden.
injectables[1]We are proud to provide a full range of injecables and dermal fillers for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkes on the face especially on the forehead and around the nose and mouth.
laser skin resurfacing[1]Laser procedures are often an outstanding treatment alternative to conventional techniques such as chemical peels.
b12 shots[1]We are now offering vitamin B12 injections at a reasonable price. This vitamin is an extraordinary energy booster. If you search celebrities that have vitamin B12 injections you will find Justin Timberlake, Will Smith and Madonna, as well as many sports stars get a monthly B12 shot.

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